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Making Dog Fences from Chicken Wires

DogFenceIn having a new way of invisible fence installation for your dog, you can try to use chicken wire for your dog’s fences. Chicken wire is commonly used for fencing chicken, but there are some who are using this already for dog fencing. Chicken wire is a weave of coiled wire that is mostly used by the poultry owners. It is made of spurred toughened wire, elastic and forms diagonal openings. Typically, it measures of about 1 and ½ inch in width. Nowadays, it is no longer for poultry use but rather for dog fences purposes also.

The different ways to make your dog fence using chicken wires:

  • Make your dog fence by framing it- the first step to have a more useful and more attractive wire fence is by framing it. As a replacement to the common way of fixing the fabric from one post to another, framing chicken wires can do. Framing needs several materials like any type of wood to make a square or any four-sided frames that will serve as the primary support to your wire fence.
  • Put tint or varnish on it-when you make your dog fence into a frame, it is more useful to put a tint or varnish on it to have a more beautiful appearance and aside from that, some people believes that it helps to longer the use of it.
  • Personalized your dog fence wireless one of the advantages of making your own fence is you can put anything on it. You can improvise the style, design or even the color of your framed fence. It will help you to widen your creativity.
  • Put an efficient entrance-the last thing to do in constructing a dog fences made of wires is to put an efficient gateway. Of course it is important to put gate on your fence. It will serve as the way to in and to out. You can use any wood to make a frame with a doorway to improve the fence. Having an efficient gate will help you to easily close and open your wireless fence. As much as possible make a gate which has a more similarity with the entire dog’s fences.

Always be reminded that your great invisible dog fence is intended to secure its safety and not to have additional attractions in your house. If possible make automatic dog door that are easy to make, easy to find the materials, and not so expensive. Chicken wires is one of the easiest fences we can make, so if you prefer of making frames so can use this knowledge to make your own.