We now have an Electric Fence in our Park / Collars for rent


Dogs are undoubtedly the next most expensive pet next to horses. Your investment on your dog can have a high value as they are extremely loyal and clever. Dogs can even protect you and your home from people with malicious intentions to your property. As a matter of fact, you can even leave your house with your dogs guarding it and com home with all your assets and properties completely unharmed. However, there are times that dogs misbehave as this is their natures. If you have a dog that like to run away from time to time, then electric fence for dogs can help. We have installed a electric fences for dogs humane system at the park A dog fence wire 14 gauge was provided at no charge from  All members of the park will need to rent a dog fence collar, the flags will stay up permanently. We also must publicly disclose that we received multiple bids for the installation the secondary bidder Invisible Fence came in third place, but we elected to have our park associates install the system ourselves. Electric dog fence systems are definitely effective in keeping dogs contained in our park. Amazon electric dog fence systems can be bought in quantity.


To find out more about electric dog fence systems view this video.

Dogs are certified mimicry experts. Once you started training them, you will find that they are the best animal pets among others. If you have failed to train them right, your dog will have the habit of running away and roaming outside your yard. Remember that most localities have existing rules regarding unconstrained dogs. If your pet runs away and lost his way home, there’s a huge chance that he will end up in a kennel. A responsible dog owner knows the importance of a dog fence. Dog fences, either traditional or electric dog fence, do not only serve as a tool for containment as these also keep your dog safe from any harm. We have installed dog fence wire from amazon around the entire perimeter of the park, so feel free to enjoy. You can also find invisible fence dog fence wiring from ebay. You can also find invisible fence replacement collar from muttfence.com

Or find find out the pros and cons of underground dog fence systems here.

Electric fence for dogs or invisible fence does not need the use of physical barriers. This is composed of dog shock collar and electric transmitter. The transmitter can be installed in your garage, storage room like in the basement, or anywhere in the house where an electrical socket is present near the yard. The wires are buried under the ground, and the collar needs to be worn by your dog. The collar on your dog stimulate mild electric shock once he tries to pass the boundary of the invisible fence. This can be a cost effective solution in containing your dog at keeping him at the same time as construction of physical barriers is highly expensive and even prohibited in large residential areas.


The disadvantage of electric fence for dogs is that it does not work when there is no power. The transmitter cannot deliver a message to the receiver to stimulate electrical shock if there is no power. That’s why it is highly important that you ensure that the transmitter is fully charged. Also, electric fence for dogs does not prohibit the entry of other animals in your yard. Your dogs can be harmed even if he exhibits disciplined behavior. However, these things can be addressed, and you can certainly make solutions deter these disadvantages.

There are many brands petsafe of electric fence for dogsout there, and you can find your choices overwhelming. It would be best if you choose a rechargeable electrical fence with adjustable electrical shock. You can read reviews on different electric fence for dogs review and decide for yourself which type of fencing system is best for your dogs. Taking care of your dog’s well-being and complete safety is essential as this is a concern of responsible pet owners.

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